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Meet William [call me Bill] Joseph, the Official Town Crier of the Borough of Mount Arlington, New Jersey. Bill is one of three Town Criers in New Jersey, and one of 14 in the entire nation.
Bill became our Town Crier in 1993, when the town was looking for some new ideas for our Fun Day. His official duties include presiding over town events, wreath laying, greeting people at events, and keeping abreast of goings-on-about town. He works closely with the local Fraternal Order of Police, the borough library, Scout Troops and other organizations.
"I guess you can say I'm the ultimate volunteer," says Bill.
Bill has lived in the borough for 19 years. His wife, Alma, works in the borough's building department.
Since becoming our Town Crier, Bill has met several visiting dignitaries, including congressmen, mayors from other towns, state assemblymen and other elected officials.

HERE'S Bill's take on his recent trip to Carpenter Hall in Philadelphia for the first INAUGURAL CRY OFF establishing the American Guild of Town Criers:
"The backdrop of Old Philadelphia set the mood for the competition. Meeting with the other Town Criers from the United States and Canada was warm and exciting.
I carry myself, as a Town Crier, with dignity, poise and a bit of humor.
I have found that this the case with many of my peers.
Both my wife, Alma, and I are thrilled to be a part of this guild. I invite anyone who is interested in becoming a Town Crier to contact me by email or the Town Criers' Guild at their Web Site."

Town Crier Bill Joseph invites you to visit:

[Town Crier] Bill's Personal Home Page
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