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NJ Vital Records (this page is under construction!)

For birth, marriage, death, divorce and other records:

The New Jersey Bureau of Vital Statistics
Order a Vital Record
Getting Copies of Genealogical Records

Genealogical Records at the New Jersey State Archives
Genealogical Records
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Births and Deaths
In addition to the Bureau of Vital Statistics and the State Archives, you can contact the local registrar in the town where the birth occurred.

The NJ Department of State has a link to the State Archives for searching
Colonial marriages from 1665-1799. Additional research and resources. You can also contact the local registrar in the town where the marriage occurred.

Copies of Divorce decrees
Copies of Court Records.

Note: effective January 1, 1994, under NJ Administrative Code 8:2A1 et seq not everyone has access to the cause of death information on a death certificate. Surviving spouses, caretaking partners, parents, executors or other authorized representatives may see the entire death certificate. Local registrars will need written authorization from survivors or their authorized representatives permitting the researcher to see this portion of the death certificate.

New Jersey wills are filed and probated in the county of residence of the deceased. Members of the public can view them and make copies at the
County Surrogate's Office. Contact the Surrogate's Office to make an appointment for on-site examination of wills. Searching Morris County probate records will give you name of the executor and the date, book and page number of the will.

Morris County Library owns:

  1. Archives of New Jersey, which has abstracts of wills 1670-1817. NJ974.9 New in our Glass Case Annex.
  2. Index of Wills, Inventories, etc. in the Office of the Secretary of State prior to 1901. Gives the number needed by the State Archives to locate the will. NJ929.3749 New.
  3. Index to New Jersey Wills, 1689-1890. NJ 929.3749 Sme.

For an explanation of where to find and obtain wills, see New Jersey Probate Records.

Adoption--see the NJ Adoption Registry, NJ Dept of Children and Families

Veterans Records
20th century records are held by the
National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) in St Louis. See also the National Archives(NARA) veterans web for overall information. For New Jersey:

Officers and Men of the Civil War from the New Jersey State Library
World War II dead and missing, Army and Air Force
World War II dead and missing, Navy, Marines and Coast Guard
Korean and Vietnam War casualty lists, state level lists by name and hometown
Cemeteries: is a partial register of cemeteries around the world. Each cemetery listing begins with a note on how many burials are included in that record. Particularly good for National Cemeteries. This library has some registries for Morris County, NJ burial grounds.

Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital
Greystone (still functioning) was formerly the New Jersey State Hospital for the Insane. Hospital inmates and staff, who lived on site will be found in a facility enumeration in the 1900-1930 censuses. (In Hanover Twp, 1900-1920, in Morris Plains in 1930.) Patients were admitted in some cases for mental conditions arising from physical conditions (stroke, kidney disease). Folk singer Woody Guthrie was hospitalized at the facility in the 1950s, when suffering from Huntington's chorea. The hospital, during the Depression, seems to have served as an overflow charity ward for northern NJ cities.

The hospital does not provide death certificates, which should be requested from the NJ State Dept. of Health. Patients whose bodies were not claimed by family (the hospital had its own train stations and the deceased were sometimes shipped back to families) were buried in the county's "potter's field" which no longer exists.
You have to be declared an estate executor to access any patient information. For permissions/legal status required to obtain access contact
Medical Records Department
Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital
59 Koch Avenue
Greystone Park, NJ 07950

Greystone today.

Age Search is a service of the US Bureau of the Census. The confidential records in the Bureau's custody (covering 1900-1990) are searched and an official transcript of the results is provided, for a fee (currently, $40.00). Access to the census records is strictly controlled under the US Code, Title 13, sections 8 and 9.

Professional Genealogists
The Genealogical Society of NJ and The Association of Professional Genealogists ( membership contacts are online if you want to hire a professional researcher. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints' Family Search database and Family History Library Catalog are both accessible from your computer. Records may be ordered from your nearest LDS library. MCL can also order microfilm from LDS.

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