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What to do with used books?

Morris County Library
MCL accepts small quantities (1-2 boxes or bags per day) of used books, including textbooks, in good, usable condition. Items that are falling apart, moldy, musty, dirty, water damaged, excessively old, or in otherwise unusable condition will not be accepted. Additionally, we do not accept magazines, encyclopedias, Readerís Digest condensed books, or books previously discarded from other libraries. Please call 973-285-6930 for additional information and guidelines.

Local donations
Employment Horizons, 973-538-8822 X240 (Cedar Knolls)...accepts books in good, readable conditoon, including textbooks, CDs, DVDs, video games (no VHS) Please call first.
Bargain Box Thrift Shop, 973-267-1334 (Morristown)...sponsored by the Morristown Memorial Hospital Auxiliary. Donations are accepted only on certain days. Call for information.
Greystone Park Assn. Thrift Shop 973-898-4949 (Greystone Park)...Tues. & Thurs.,10AM-3PM, directions.
St. Clare's Bargain Barn, 973-625-6093 (Denville)...Tuesdays & Saturdays

National programs
Books for Soldiers...send your paperbacks to soldiers
Books through Bars...accepts textbooks
Seamen's Church Institute(Newark NJ) 973-589-5828...accepts old magazines (including National Geographic)& paperbacks.

Rare & valuable books
If you think your books fall into this category you can check values with online book dealers (Alibris, Used Book Central, AbeBooks, or EBay). Antiquarian book sellers offer a national database to identify firms that deal in special fields and/or estate sales.

Antiquarian book sellers in Morris County
Old Book Shop, 4 John St., Morristown, 973-538-1210
Chatham Bookseller, 8 Greenvillage Rd., Madison, 973-822-1361
John P. La Criox, 179 Washington St., Morristown, 973-267-3115

Where to donate cars, cell phones, clothing & computers

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