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Salary surveys

Finding salary information that suits your exact situation depends on several factors: New Jersey surveys
NJ Occupational Employment Statistics Wage Survey
NJ Dept.of Labor reports average hourly wage ranges for hundreds of professions
NJ Teacher Salaries

U.S. government surveys
America's Career InfoNet
Wages & trends by national averages with selected states
Occupational Employment Statistics
BLS wage estimates for 700+ occupations: national, metropolitan areas, & state
Occupational Outlook Handbook
U.S. Dept. of Labor provides general numbers on starting salaries and earnings estimates

Salary calculators
Salary wizard, personal salary report & advice
Salary Calculator
Relocator's salary tool: how much is your current salary worth in a differnt location?
Salary Expert
CareerJournals' database crosses job titles and salaries by zip code/metropolitan area

Profession/industry/company surveys
JobStar's Profession-Specific Salary Surveys
links to current surveys published by government agencies, trade associations and commercial research firms...most information is free
Executive Compensation Wizard
Type in the name of the (top) executive in public companies to view report.
Company-specific salaries input by current and former employees. Free.

Still can't find the salary information you need? Go to Google or and run a search that combines your job title with the phrase salary survey (+nursing and "salary survey").


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