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reference Everyone in Morris County, New Jersey is represented in Washington by two senators and one representative and in Trenton by two assembly members and one state senator. To view or print our brochure "Elected Representatives" for Morris County, click here: print the brochure (14" paper)

Your state district sends one senator and two assemblymen or women to the NJ Legislature. Pick your town or, if you are out of Morris County, search the Trenton directory. (R = Republican, D = Democrat; year is the expiration of term.)

The complete list of New Jersey's Senators and Assemblymen is available from the NJ State Legislature's home page.

Voting and election information can be found in the NJ League of Women Voters web.

Need to contact U.S. senators from other states or congress people representing other districts?

Morris County government is run by the Board of Chosen Freeholders. Among their responsibilities are our parks, roads, jail, nursing home and the County Library.

Local election information, online voter registration and absentee ballot applications are available from the Morris County Clerk's Office

Information prepared by Jane Van Wiemokly, Reference Dept, Morris County Library.

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