ReferenceUSA troubleshooting tips
Some of our patrons are having a hard time accessing the ReferenceUSA database from their own computers. Troubleshooting tips for remote users:

1.Why can't I connect?
A. Are you inputting your barcode correctly? (i.e. without the spaces?).
B. Maybe the database isn't working. We can check our computers to verify the situation. If the database is down, we need to report the trouble to the vendor and can advise our patron when he can expect the database to resume functionality.

2. Why do I have two boxes on my login screen? --or-- Why do I need both id & password? This can happen for many reasons.
A. Did you access the database from our remote services page? If not, try this. Access from will not work.
B. What browser/version is you using? ReferenceUSA requires minimum Explorer 4.5 and Netscape 4.5. How to check browser version? While in the browser, click on "help" (it's at the top of the toolbar) then "About Navigator" or "About Internet Explorer."
C. Do you have a cable modem (Optimum Online, etc.)? If so, you probably have firewall software which tends to be installed, as the default, with high speed, broadband modems. ReferenceUSA will not function properly through a firewall. Check the literature that came with your high speed service or talk to the tech desk/department at your business about turning a firewall off on an as need basis to use this database.
D. If none of these apply? ReferenceUSA customer service suggests: clean out the cache (takes out cookies) and/or turn security down to the lowest setting or off.

3. I'm at work, why can't I connect?
It is possible his company firewall does not permit access. Ask your IT person about this.

4. Is there a way to print/download more than 25 records?
The 25 record limit is set by the database producer. Is there a workaround? Yes. In fact, there are two:
A. You can exit the database completely and initiate a new search session, opting to print/download records 11-20 etc.
B. You can cut and paste data into Wordpad or your word processing software. Results will look messy and require some adjustment to make it readable.

Additional tips available at
Reference USA Technical Help Guide

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