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Know where your family lived. For land and church (marriages, baptisms, burials) records or wills, pre-1738, see Hunterdon, from which Morris County separated (March 15, 1738 or [new style] 1739) or Burlington (Hunterdon separated from, March 11, 1713/14) Counties. The NJ State Archives holds the records of the East and West Jersey Proprietors. Most of Morris County, in 1740, was made up of the communities of Pequannock (north), Hanover (central/east), Roxbury (west) and Mendham (south). The NJ Legislature established 104 new townships throughout the state on February 21, 1798. New communities, and their boundaries, were established by act(s) of the NJ State Legislature. PL is Public Laws, c is chapter (of that year's laws).

Hunterdon County Court Minutes, March 1, 1719/20, constables are appointed for Whippenng and Poquanick.
Court of Common Pleas, Morris County, March 25, 1740, established: Morris Township , Pequannock (var. Poquanick, Peqannoc), Hanover Township and "Morris Town"
1740, December 24, Roxbury (also Succasunna [Suckasunny until 1888] and sections Kenvil, Ledgewood, Landing (Drakesville) and Port Morris
1749, March 29, Mendham Township (from Hanover, Morris and Roxbury Twp.)
1752, list of 435 property owners in the five county towns.
1798, February 12, Washington Township (from Roxbury) Center of Twp is known as Long Valley or German Valley
1799, April 1, Chester Township (from Roxbury and Washington Twp)
1804, February 11, Jefferson (from Pequannock)
1806, Jan. 1, Randolph (from Mendham) PL 1805
1806, February 12, Chatham Township (including what is now Chatham Borough)
1844, April 8, Rockaway Township (from Pequannock)
See 11 towns of the County in 1853 (Rutgers University, Special Collections.
1865, April 6, Morristown (from Morris Township)
1866, March 23, Passaic Township (later Long Hill, also sections called Stirling and Millington) from Morris Township PL 1866, p 666
1866, March 16, Boonton Town (from Pequannock and Hanover) PL 1866, p. 506
1867, April 11, Boonton Township (from Pequannock)
1867, April 11, Montville Township (from Pequannock) PL 1867, p. 936
1868 County atlas in our collection includes names of property owners.
1869, April 1, Dover Town (from Rockaway and Randolph) Called Dover City, 1896-1899
1871, March 11, Mt Olive Township (from Roxbury) PL 1871, p. 695
1887 County atlas in our collection includes names of property owners.
1889, Dec. 27, Madison Borough (from Chatham Township)
1890, Nov. 3, Mount Arlington Borough (from Mt Olive), more land in 1891 from Roxbury Twp
1894, June 19, Rockaway Borough (then called Rockaway Village) from Rockaway Twp
1894, October 22, Netcong (then South Stanhope) from Roxbury and Mt. Olive Twp
1895, June 28, Wharton Borough (then called Port Oram) from Roxbury. Community made up of "settlements" of Port Oram, Irondale, Luxemburg, Maryville and Mount Pleasant.
1897, March 1, Chatham Borough (from Chatham Township)
1899, March 20, Florham Park (from Madison/Hanover)
1901, March 13, Butler Borough (from Pequannock)
1906, May 15, Mendham Borough (from Mendham Twp)
1913, Denville (from Rockaway Township)
1922, March 11, Lincoln Park (from Pequannock)
1922, March 21, Kinnelon Borough (from Pequannock) earlier known as Charlottenberg
1922, Sept. 1, Harding Township (from Passaic) includes sections Green Village and New Vernon PL 1923, p. 587
1923, April 17, Riverdale Borough (from Pequannock)
1923, March 2, Mine Hill (from Randolph Twp)
1924, March 3, Mountain Lakes Borough (from Boonton and Hanover Twp)
1926, March 15, Morris Plains Borough (from Hanover Twp)
1928, March 12, Parsippany-Troy Hills (from Hanover Twp) PL 1928, p. 893
1928, March 12, East Hanover Township (from Hanover Twp)
1930, Chester Borough (from Chester Township) PL 1930, c. 67
1951, September, Victory Gardens (from Randolph) PL 1951, c. 259
Victory Gardens, during World War II, had been a temporary community of defense industry workers whose municipal services were provided by Randolph Township.

See also The Story of New Jersey's Civil Boundaries, 1606-1968, John P. Snyder
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