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How much did it cost in Morris County, New Jersey?
a survey of retail prices advertised in the Daily Record, May 1-15, 1914

Jeffrey Four, 1,550.00
Used, 5 passenger touring car, no year, 1,200 miles, 400.00

Men's coat, raincoat 6.75/each
Men's suits, 12.50-15.00/each
Men's shirts, Madras-silk, 1.00-3.50/each
Women's skirt, 5.00/each
Women's suit, 9.75-14.50/each
Women's dress, cloth and silk, 9.75/each
Women's dress shoes, 1.97-2.90/pair
Women's coats, novelty wool, 10.00/each
Boy's suit, Norfolk style, 1.90/each
Girls's dress, 3.00-3.50/each
Hats, .98-1.98/each

Food & beverages
Apple, New York State Baldwin, .30/4 quarts
Bacon, Swift's Premium, .21/jar
Beans, Van Camps, .17/can
Beef, chopped, .13/lb
Beef, roast, .15-.22/lb
Bread, .04-.08/loaf
Butter, Elgin, .31/lb
Cereal, Kellogg's Corn Flakes, .08/pkg
Cheese, cream, .19/lb
Cocoa, Hersheys, .08/box
Coffee, Santos, .21/lb
Cookies, National Biscuit Company, Mary Anns, .10/lb
Eggs, .22/dozen
Fish, cod, .10/lb "brick"
Flour, Pillsbury's Best, .72/24.5 lb bag
Ham, Swift's Premium, .19/lb
Ice cream, .30/quart
Juice, Welch Grape, .20/pint
Ketchup, .12/pint bottle
Margarine, Butterine, .21/lb
Macaroni or spaghetti, .23/3 pkgs
Milk, Borden's Peerless, .08/tin
Onions, .03/bunch
Oranges, navel, .25/dozen
Peanut butter, .11/lb
Pineapples, fresh whole, .12/each
Potatoes, fine mealy coolers, .55/1-2 bushels
Preserves, Curtice Bros., .10/1 lb tin
Soup, Franco American, .08/can
Sugar, granulated, .04/lb
Tea, Tetley's, .49/lb Tomatoes, .25/3 cans

Bed, white enamel, .75-7.75/each
Bedroom set, 4 piece white enamel, 10.00/set
Chairs, rattan, 5.75/each
Mattress, black hair, 21.50/each
Rug, Persian, 6X9, 5.75-22.00/each
Table, Rattan, 4.00-8.00/each

Garden equipment
Seeds, flower & vegetable, .03/pkg
Seeds, grass, .35/quart
Rhododendrons, .75/each
Rose bushes, .12/each

Household goods
Ammonia, .10/bottle
Blanket, summer lightweight, double bed, 5.00-10.50/pair
Cleanser, Old Dutch, .08/pkg
Curtains, 1.00-2.45/pair
Clothes pins, .12/100
Iron, 3.00
Witch hazel, .16/bottle

Daily Record, .01/weekday paper

Personal care & health
Beecham's pills, .10-.25/box
Soap, P & G, .25/7 cakes
Toilet paper, .25/8 rolls

Real estate
Morris Plains, "modern home," 6,000.00
Morristown, 9 room house, no improvements, 3,000.00
Morristown, 10 rooms, 2 baths, 4,000.00
Morristown, 7 rooms, all lamps, 3,200.00
Rent, Morristown, 9 room house, 35.00/month
Rent, Morristown, store on Market Street, 15.00/month

Recreation & amusements
Bicycle, 15.00/each
Dance lessons, in-home, 10.00/month
Movies, .15-.25/ticket
Piano, player, 245.00-295.00/each
Piano, player, music rolls, 10.00/each
Theater, Palace Theater, Ben Toy Musical Comedy Review, .10-.25/ticket
Train, Niagara Falls excursion (Lackawana), 10.00/round trip

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