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How much did it cost in Morris County, New Jersey?
a survey of retail prices advertised in the Daily Record, December 1-15, 1911

None advertised
Cadillac Touring car, no year indicated, 75.00

Boy's suit, shadow weave, 16.00/each
Girl's coat, 7.50/each
Girl's dress, Wanamaker's, trimmed with lace and embroidery, 1.75-3.00/each
Hat, Salny Brothers, derby or soft style, 1.95/each
Men's necktie, Wanmaker's, pure silk, .65/each
Men's overcoat, Smith Gray & Co., 15.00/each
Men's shirt, .50-1.50/each
Men's smoking jacket, 3.50-7.50/each
Men's suit, 12.95-20.00/each
Women's blouse, macrame lace & silk, 6.95/each
Women's coat, fur, 42.50-67.50/each
Women's dress, serge, 5.98/each
Women's fur muff, racoon, 12.50/each
Women's handbags, suede leather, 1.00-3.50/each
Women's suit, tailored, tweed, 10.75/each
Women's raincoat, Wanamaker's, 6.75/each

Food & beverages
Apples, .20/gallon can
Beef, chopped, .25/3 lbs
Beef, chuck roast, .10/lb
Butter, Fancy Table Quality, .31/lb
Candy, mixed, .15-.40/lb
Cereal, Hominy, .15/5 lb box
Cherries, Maraschino, .69/quart bottle
Chicken, roasting, .18/lb
Corn, fancy, .25/3 cans
Crackers, Nabisco, Uneeda, .10/2 pkgs
Eggs, .23/dozen
Fish, herring, .25/3 tins
Flour, White Rose, .74/24.5 lb bag
Fruit cup, .23/lb
Ham, sugar cured, .15/lb
Margarine, Butterine, .23-.31/lb
Milk, Clover brand, .09/container
Mincemeat, Libby's .12/lb
Oats, Quaker, .09/pkg
Oranges, Florida, .19/dozen
Peas, Fancy Sweet, .25/2 cans
Pork loin, .15/lb
Potatoes, fanciest Maine, .55/half bushel barrel
Raisins or currants, .12/pkg
Soup, Campbell's, .25/3 cans
Sugar, .20/3.5 lbs
Tea, Viceroy, .25/half pound
Tomaotes, .29/gallon can
Turkey, .22/lb

Bed, brass, 20.95/each
Bed, enameled, 8.00/each
Chair, Morris style, golden oak with removable tufted cushions, 4.69/each
Chair, rocker, mahogany, .3.49/each
Dresser, oak, French beveled mirror, 3 drawers, 7.24/each
Music cabinet, mahogany, 5.49/each
Parlor suite, 3 piece, highly polished mahogany, 27.89/each
Rug, 27" X 54", 1.89/each
Setee, leather, 200.00-245.00/each
Table, oak extension, 9.74/each

Household & seasonal goods
Bread mixer, 2.00-2.50/each
Carpet sweeper, Bissell, 1.79/each
Chafing dish set, 10.00/set
Christmas tree holders, .29-.75/each
Clothes ringer, 3.50-5.50/each
Curtains, French net, 2.49-4.50/pair
Food chopper, .98-2.75/each
Matches, .10/3 large boxes
Scissors, .25-.90/pair
Sheets, 72" X 90", .34-.49/each
Starch, .07/2 lbs
Washing machine, 7.00-10.00/each
Window shades, .08/each

Personal care & health
Hair brush, .10-.49/each
Perfume, Arario, 1.50/bottle
Razor, 1.00-2.49/each
Razor strop, .24-1.00/each
Soap, Swift's Pride, .25/8 cakes

Real estate
Houses for sale
none advertised
Houses for rent
6 rooms, modern bath, steam heat, 25.00/month
6 rooms, near train station, 16.00/month
Apartments & rooms
5 rooms, first floor, 15.00/month
7 rooms, Washington Street, 12.00/month

Recreation & amusements
Piano, Llwellyn, 200.00/each
Victrola, oak, full-sized cabinet, 200.00/each

Tobacco & alcohol
None advertised

How much did it cost to stock Thanksgiving tables in 1911?
These prices were advertised in The Daily Record [Morris County New Jersey], November 18-22, 1911
Meat, fowl & fish
Bacon, breakfast, .15/lb
Beef, chopped, .25/3 lbs
Beef, Porterhouse roast, .18/lb
Chicken, fresh killed, Morris County, .20/lb
Flounder, .06/lb
Halibut, .15/lb
Ham, smoked, .16/lb
Ham, fresh, .16/lb
Lamb, hind quarter, .16/lb
Mince meat, Armour's Veribest, .20/pail
Pork, loin, .15.lb
Sausage, .20/lb
Turkey, fresh killed, Morris County, .28/lb

Asparagus, white, California, .50/qt jar
Beans, lima, .16/can
Beans, string, .10/can
Carrots or Turnips, .25/6 qt basket
Corn, J.S. brand, .12/can
Corn, cream, .09/can
Macaroni or spaghetti, .10/pkg
Olives, fancy Queen, .35/jar
Olives, plain or stuffed, .25/3 bottles
Peas, early June, .05/can
Potatoes, Maine, 3.25/sack
Pumpkins, .10/can
Rice, fancy, .10/pkg
Sauerkraut, Heinz, .25/4 qts
Squash, .10/can
Succotash, .12/no. 2 can
Sweet potatoes, .29/6 qt basket
Tomatoes, Jersey, .12/can

Cranberries, .13/qt
Dates, stuffed, .20/box
Figs, New Smyrna, .18/lb
Grape fruit, .25/4
Grapes, Malaga, .25/2 lbs
Grapes, Tokay, .25/2 lbs
Lemons, Messina, .20/doz
Oranges, sweet, .25/doz
Raisins, Sultana, .15/pkg

Dairy, eggs & cheese
Butter, Elgin, .37/lb
Cheese, .17/lb
Condensed milk, Hire's, .25/3 cans
Eggs, .40/doz

Chocolates, French, .12/lb
Chocolates, Sultana Raisin Clusters, .27/lb
Jelly bon bons, .12/lb
Mixed nuts, .18/lb
Peanut brittle, .12/lb
Pecans, .18/lb
Plum pudding, R&R, .65/3 lb tin
Walnuts, English, .22/lb

Baking, cereals, spices & condiments
Baking powder, Daisy, .45/20 oz can
Buckwheat, .45/12 lb sack
Celery salt, .15/box
Chocolate, baking, .29/lb
Cinnamon, .10/box
Curry powder, .10/box
Flour, Graham, .18/5 lb sack
Flour, wheat, Ralstons, .23/6 lbs
Ginger, crystalized, .30/pkg
Honey, in comb, .18
Lard compound, .10/lb
Mustard, Colburn's, .25/half lb tin
Oats, Mother's .25/3 pkgs
Paprika, .15/box
Pepper, .10/box
Poultry seasoning, .10/box
Puffed rice, Quaker, .25/2 pkgs
Sage, .25/lb
Savory, .25/lb
Thyme, .25/lb
Vanilla flavoring, .10/bottle

Cider, sweet, .20/gal
Cocoa, Huyler's, .17/half lb tin
Coffee, 8 O'clock, .25/lb
Grape juice, .23/pt bottle
Tea, .50/lb

Paper bag cookery?
"Cooking with paper bags. Simply place your Roast, your Fowl, your Pudding etc., into the Cookery Bag; seal it--place it into the pan--remove from the oven when the time has expired--that's all. no shrinkage,-- no loss of flavor--no smell of cooking--no pans to wash. Genuine Cookery Bags are odorless, tasteless, moisture-proof, germ-proof. We sell them in 25 cent packets containing from 15 to 60 bags of either straight or assorted sizes."---display ad, The MacKinnon Company, 40 Sussex Ave., Morristown, Daily Record, November 22, 1911 (p. 1)

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