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has been booming in recent years. The performances of classically-trained virtuosi from India, Africa, Iran and Japan (to name a few) are dazzling larger audiences in Europe and America than ever before. Morris County Library prides itself on having the largest world collection in the region. This list is a sampling, on CD only, of our world music holdings which include LPs and audiocassettes. Call (973) 285-6979 if we can tell you more about what we have or help you find the rare rara, qawwali, ragini, maqaam, or hora.
The Music of Upper and Lower Egypt (traditional music by various artists) Electra Nonesuch, 1991.
Moroccan trance music. (Wedding processions & other street music recorded live.) Original Music, 1992.
Apocalypse across the sky.(Master musicians of Jajouka Morrocco performing on ghaita (oboe), bendir (frame drum), etc.) Rykodisc, 1988.
Ere mela mela (Mahmoud Ahmed of Ethiopia) Hannibal, 1986.
Yasimika (Jawara, Jali Musa and troupe performing traditional music of the Ivory Coast.) Carthage/Hannibal, 1990.
Kenya & Tanzania: witchcraft and ritual music. Electra Nonesuch, 1991.
Mbuki Mvuki (Zaire, Nigeria, Somalia, Uganda, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Cameroun, South Africa) Original Music, 1992.
Out of Africa (performers Youssou N'Dour, Mahyotella Queens, Somo Somo, etc.) Rykodisc, 1988.
The Iegend of Nigeria (Benue Igendens singing and playing talking drums, clay pots, calabash trumpets, etc.) Music of the World, 1991.
Djam leeli(Popular music by singer Baba Maal with his band.) Mango, 1989.
The Lion of Soweto. (Selections by the South African singer with his band.) Virgin Records, 1987.

Music from the People's Republic of China and Played on Traditional Instruments Rounders Records, 1991, 1976..
Gyuto Monks: freedom chants from the roof of the world. Ryko, 1989.
Japanese Holiday (the New Kyoto Ensemble) Intersound, 1992.
Music of the Shakuhachi. (Performed by Japan's premier bamboo flute player.) JVC, 1994.

Caliente=hot Various groups performing Puerto Rican popular music. New World Records, 1977.
Joseph Spence: the complete Folkways recordings, 1958. (Bahamas) Smithsonian Folkways, 1992.
Dancing with the enemy (Cuban dance music by various artists.) Luka Bop, 1991.
Caribbean revels: Haitian Rara & Dominican Gaga (ritualistic music by various perfomers.) Smithsonian Folkways, 1991.
Jamaican Holiday. ..(Caribbean Islanders, popular and reggae music of Jamaica.) Intersound, 1992.
Drums of defiance ..(popular anti-slavery from the Maroon hill communiies of Jamaica.) Smithsonian Folkways, 1992.
Steel Band. ..(Trinidad & Tobago.) Delos, 1989.
Zoop, zoop, zoop. ..Music and folklore of St. Croix, St. Thomas and St. John. New World Records 1988.

Bosnia. (Muslim traditional music, recorded before the conflict.) Smithsonian Folkways, 1993.
Alibert (Henri Alibert, from various French operettas.) Forlane, 1992.
Mes Grandes Succes. (Popular music performed by Francis LeMarque.) EPM Musique, 1991.
I love the music of a German beer hall. (Oktoberfest.) Nesak, 1990.
Espagne. (Groupes Folkloriques Nationaux performing pieces representative of most of Spain's major regions and musical styles.) Planett, 1991.
Castellum honesti. (Celtic music from the Galicia region of Spain performed by the group Milladoiro.) Green Linnet, 1991.
In the Fiddlers House (Itzhak Perlman performing with four different Klezmer bands.) Angel, 1995.
Live! The Thirteenth Anniversary Album. (Klezmer Conservatory Orchestra.)Music of Ancient Greece (Instrumental music based on ancient scales.) Orata, 199-.
Greek legacy (Performed by Sophia Bilides.) E. Thomas, 1991.

The Spirit Cries (music from the rainforests of South America and the Caribean.) Rykodisc, 1993.
Bolivia: Musique Ritualle Andine VDE Gallo, 1990.
Brazil: Cantoria: North-East Brazilian popular songs. Auvidis, 1988.
O Samba Luka Bop/Sire, 1989.
Colombia: Cumbia cumbia. World Circuit, 1989.
Peru: The Spell of Yma Sumac Pair Records, 1988.
Les Flutes Indienne d'Amerique du Sud. Playsound, 1988.

Chaurasia's Choice.. (Hariprasad Chaurasia perfroming classical and light Hindustani muisc on bamboo flute, with tabla accompaniement.) OMI Music, 1992.
Vadva Lahari ..South Indian instrumental ensemble of violin, nadaswaram, vina, tavil & mridangam. Music of the World, 1992.
What is bhangra? ..(Punjabi popular dance music.) IRS, 1993.
Mustt Mustt Qawwali singer Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. Virgin Records America, 1990.

Eclipse...oud music of Bubia [Sudan] by Hamza El Din. Rykodisc, 1988.
Sif Safaa Popular music of the middle east by various artists. EMI, 1995.

Didgeridoo Dreaming ...Didgeridoo & synthesizer. Larrikan Records, 1992.
The Tahitian Choir A cappella choir of 126 islanders Triloka Records 1992.

Georgian Voices Rustavi Choir singing traditional Georgian folk songs. Elektra Nonesuch, 1989.
Musics of the Soviet Union. Lithuanian, Georgian, Estonian, Azerbaijani and Tuvan instrumental & vocal music. Rounder Records, 1989.

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