English Language Instruction

Morris County Library offers a wide array of books, audiocassettes, newspapers, videos, cds, cd-roms and dvds to aid in learning English.

English as a second language: Morris County area classes

Audiocassettes (A small sample of recordings in the Music & Media Dept.)
Basic Instruction (in English)
English (Conversaphone Institute) [Hangup] X/English/KOR/C15
Listen and Say It Right In English [Hangup] X/English/LAS/W48
Basic Instruction (in your native language)
English for Spanish Speaking People [Hangup] X/Lang/Engl /Spa/C 60
(also offered for speakers of French, German, Korean, Chinese, Arabic, Polish, Japanese, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Russian, etc.)
Grammar and Usage 425.Gra
Grammar for Business Professionals 428.2 Cra
American pronunciation: the correct pronunciation of hundreds of frequently mispronounced words [Hangup] X/English/AP/L 31
Bedell, Jeffrey American Pronunciation [Hangup] X/English/IYE/B
Brown, Hazel American Speech Sounds & Rhythm (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced) [Hangup] X/LANG/ENG/SM-INT-1/B 23
Broukal, Millada NTC's Practice Tests for the TOEFL [HANGUP] X/LANG/ ENGL/NPT/N 44
Sharpe, Pamela J. TOEFL: Barron's Practice Exercises for the Test of English as a Foreign Language [HANGUP] X/LANG/ENGL/ TOE/B
Note: to obtain a TOEFL registration form, contact: Information from TOEFL on learning tools, test registration, etc.
B o o k s: Grammar (a small sample of books in the Book Information Dept.)
Johnson, Edward D. The Handbook of Good English 428.2 Joh
Rosen, Leonard J. The Everyday English Handbook 808.042 Ros
Success with words: a guide to the American language 427.973 SUC
Books: New Adult Readers (high interest-level low-difficult readers on a variety of subjects)
The Ashley dictionary NAR 423.1 Ash
Bernstein, Vivian America's Story 973 Ber (2 volumes)
Claire, Elizabeth An indispensible guide to dangerous English! NAR 427 Cla
Arco teach yourself TOEFL in 24 hours 428.24 ARC
Cracking the GED 373.1262 CRA
How to Prepare for the GED high school equivalency examination 373.1264 ROC
TOEFL Success 428.24 TOE
Cds and CD-ROMs (in the Music & Media Dept.)
English the Berlitz way. 1, 2 & 3, for Japanese speakers ([CD] X/LANG/ENG/JAP-1, JAP-2 or JAP-3) TriplePlayPlus! English (428 TRI [A104], CD-ROM) [includes microphone]
By viewing a dvd with a multilingual viewing program, one may display subtitles in many languages. For example, spoken English may be shown in clear, easy-to-read English subtitles or Spanish subtitles or French subtitles, etc. In addition, spoken German or spoken Japanese may be shown in English subtitles. We have dozens of dvds. Here is a short list:
Annie Hall (Woody Allen, Diane Keaton) [in English] - V0053
Beauty and the Beast (Jean Cocteau) [in French] - V0102
Branded To Kill (Seijun Suzuki) [in Japanese] - V0108
Goldfinger (Sean Connery) [in English] - V0080
Newspaper (in the Periodicals Dept.)
Easy English News
Educational Videos:
American Business English/ESL: the fundamentals NW22AM 808.0666 AME (ED)
Breaking the accent barrier: American sound and style for all speakers of English as a second language NR89BR 421.54 BRE (ED)
English for Spanish Speakers [with booklet] (NE41EN [ED])
Read English Today (NU31RE [ED])
Fiction Videos
You may also improve your language skills by viewing a movie in your native language and reading the English subtitles. We have many feature-length movies in Spanish, German, Russian, Bengali, Japanese, etc. We also have many of the 1940-1950s American "classic" films in which English is spoken more slowly and may be easier to follow. A small sample:
Rashomon [in Japanese] A219 RA (FOR)
Umberto D. [in Italian] A302 UM (FOR)
Wings of Desire [in German] A762 WI (FOR)
World Wide Web (WWW) (websites for learners of English)
Learning ESL Online
Spelling and Punctuation
Karin's ESL Partyland: Karin's ESL Partyland

compiled by Mitch Greenberg

Morris County Library, NJ22 March 2005