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Morris Authors Collection

In the fall of 2007 the library began to assemble a research collection of the works of
Morris County authors, living and past. These writers either grew up in the area
(Gene Shalit) or spend the majority of their writing years here (Abner Doubleday)--
or both (Charles Haas). The non-circulating titles are accompanied by biographies and
news stories about the writers.

We welcome donations of works by these writers. We have identified 390 authors (and their 1,400+ books)
so far.
Let us know if you are aware of other county writers who should be recognized
in the Morris Authors Collection.

The Morris authors list, June 2014.
(Works by Drew faculty will be found in the University archives.)

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Morris County Library (NJ)
31 July 2014
Youngest author
Our youngest author, Ekamresh Vasudevan